Building For Ministries Division

   There comes a point in the life of nearly every church when it experiences growth or wants to expand its ministries. The question then becomes whether or not the current facility can accommodate these changes.

   Many churches do nothing, and the growth slowly disappears, so the ministries are never implemented or quickly fail. Others hire an architect who may not understand the church’s true needs, so the plans are rolled up, put away, and the project never comes to life.

   However, building for churches makes up nearly half of our business at Running Water Construction LLC, and we know there is an important step in each building project called visioning. This is a long-range planning process that will assist the church in developing a strategic plan with an implementation plan included. This program, lead by the Running Water Construction LLC Building for Ministries team, engages and assists the key church leadership to accomplish the following:

· Create a vision

· Develop a strategic design to put the vision into action

· Assess the current facility

· Evaluate the option of relocation

· Acquire financing and explore fundraising companies

· Develop a master plan to allow for future phases and long-term growth

· Communicate the plan to the church body

   At Running Water Construction LLC, we know how important this part of the planning process is and also how difficult it can be to go through this process on your own. Our Building for Ministries team would love to talk with you more about how we can help you lead your church through this process.