Small Project Division

   At Running Water Construction LLC, we want to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our clients and in today's continuously changing business world, we realize you need a partner who will be there for those unexpected repairs or needed renovation projects.


   Running Water Construction LLCs' Small Project Division offers quality customer service with reliable and competent construction staff, including site supervision and project management to complete all your projects as needed.

   The Small Project Division is headed up by proven experienced talented personnel who has worked in the construction industry for more many years.  He began his career in the residential field and then moved to the commercial side of the business.  During his college years, David gained field experience as a concrete laborer, and framing carpenter.


   Since the inception of Running Water Construction LLC a Firm founded by All-Star Elite Sharod "Roddy" White, he has worked as a superintendent, scheduler, estimator and as project manager on projects ranging from replacing a door to million dollar building expansions.

   The Small Project Division is designed to offer building solutions for smaller projects and, though an extension of Running Water Construction LLC, is managed separately in order to minimize costs to our client.

Special projects include:

  • Demolition

  • Renovations

  • Structural repairs/renovations

  • Site upgrades

  • Concrete pits/machine bases

  • Roof repairs

  • Small design/build projects

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